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  Complete scripting bugs list (0.3 updated)

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Datum upisa : 15.04.2011
Godina : 22

PočaljiNaslov: Complete scripting bugs list (0.3 updated)   Pet Apr 15, 2011 3:55 am

SpawnPlayer - Kills the player if they are in a vehicle
SetPlayerAmmo - It asks you for the weaponslot but it should say weaponid
GetPlayerColor - Returns 0 unless SetPlayerColor has been used
GetPlayerSkin - If you change the skin id with SetSpawnInfo, GetPlayerSkin will return the new skin id if the player hasn't respawned yet and is still using the old skin
SetPlayerName - If you set to the same name but some letters are in a different case it doesn't work (eg "heLLO" to "hello")
GetPlayerWeapon - If you are in a vehicle and change weapon using SetPlayerArmedWeapon, it returns the old weapon ID
ForceClassSelection - It only resets the variable when the player dies, not if he respawns (SpawnPlayer, TogglePlayerControllable 0)
RemovePlayerFromVehicle - It only shows the 'exit vehicle' animation for the player being removed
TogglePlayerControllable - The player can't move at all (which is what it is supposed to do) but if he tries to move other players will see him moving on the spot instead of standing still
- If a checkpoint is already set it will use the size of that checkpoint instead of the new one
- If the checkpoint is set on a custom object or a non-solid surface it will show floating above the surface
SetPlayerRaceCheckpoint - See SetPlayerCheckpoint
SetPlayerWorldBounds - If you hold down the aim key you can walk through world boundries
IsPlayerInCheckpoint - Variable isn't initiated until a checkpoint has been set so it returns a undetermined value
IsPlayerInRaceCheckpoint - See IsPlayerInCheckpoint
- Spectating breaks if the target leaves their stream zone (teleport, enter interior)

GetWeaponName - Returns null for ids 18, 44 and 45
AllowInteriorWeapons - Doesn't work
SetDeathDropAmount - Doesn't work
DisableInteriorEnterExits - If the gamemode is changed the doors aren't reenabled
CreateMenu - You can't change the width of column 2 it just uses the same as column 1
TextDrawColor - Requires the text draw to be shown again for changes to be made
TextDrawBackgroundColor - Requires the text draw to be shown again for changes to be m
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Complete scripting bugs list (0.3 updated)
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